On Thursday, June 26th 2014, at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, we unveiled our upcoming Spotlight Story directed by Disney animation legend Glen Keane: ‘Duet’, and coming to your device later this year.


Glen Keane spent 38 years at Disney and created some of the most beloved characters like Ariel, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and Rapunzel.

When Glen had a chance to experience our first Spotlight Story ‘Windy Day’, we asked him, “What could you do with this new format?” Glen wanted to draw and animate by hand and we answered his call by pushing our technology to create a new pipeline and a studio for traditional animation.


(Original drawing from Duet)

Glen Keane on stage at the ATAP session, presented his new creation for the first time to the world and illustrated what it meant for him to rediscover a classic art form with the latest mobile technology.

If you missed the presentation at Google I/O you can still watch it here.

Episode #2 of our “Spotlight on…” series gets up close and personal with Jon Klassen, production designer of both Windy Day and Buggy Night. Watch now to dig into the challenges of going from writing and illustrating Caledcott-winning books to designing for a new mobile experience.

Want to get to know the makers of Buggy Night? On March 11, they’ll be hosting a Google Hangout, where they talking about making Buggy Night and answer your questions about Spotlight Stories. Join us!

Little Screens on the Big Stage

Sundance Film Festival is a celebration of independent filmmakers and their big screen premieres. But this year, we also brought a premiere — for the small screen. Along with our legendary animators, Jan Pinkava and Glen Keane, Regina gave a sneak peek of the second Spotlight Story at the Moto X Lounge. In interactive panel sessions, the three spoke about the joys, challenges and future of Spotlight Stories and mobile storytelling. Because at the end of the day, Spotlight Stories isn’t so different from Sundance; it’s a film festival. Just in your pocket.